A Paytronix Brief: Extracting Customer Insights from Big Data

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The more emails you send per subscriber per month, the more opens you get. But, the downside could be massive. Knowing exactly the number to send per subscriber per month will help you maximize both subscriber retention and visits. In this brief, you'll learn not only how email volume impacts opt outs, but also how the volume is related to visits. 

You'll also learn: 

  • How to determine email value
  • The importance of message relevancy
  • How message frequency and concept type are related

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Executing complex analyses and translating the results into ideas that business leaders can use is what Lee Barnes brings to Paytronix clients. He leads the Data Insights team, and is a self-confessed data geek that can often be found with his team digging into all kinds of data. His undergraduate degree in Mathematics and MBA from Harvard Business School gives him the unusual ability to deliver game-changing insights.

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