The Fast Food Wars: Who Will Dethrone McDonald's and What Can You Learn From the Winner?

Thursday, April 19 @ 1:00 pm EDT

The fast food wars have waged for decades, and now competition between the major chains has escalated. From overhauling value menus to investing in innovative services like third-party delivery, online ordering, and mobile application development, major chains are making changes this year to provide better guest experiences than their competitors. This webinar will examine the state of the industry, evaluate the impact of the changing landscape, and determine which brands have what it takes to topple McDonald’s as the leader in the fast food market. 

You’ll receive a thorough analysis of what brands are succeeding and why, and what others need to do to keep pace with industry leaders. You’ll learn what you can do to enhance your guest engagement strategy and keep up with your competition. These insights will apply to any concept ranging from fellow fast food providers to fine dining establishments. 

The top fast food chains have been winning over their guests, even in a down year for the restaurant industry So join us and learn how to apply these winning formulas to your own operations. 

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Unless otherwise noted, Paytronix is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this presentation, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of those brands. This webinar is based upon publicly available information and Paytronix’s analysis of the industry. 

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